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     Hello, out there, and welcome to my reality.   My name is Jean-Paul Déry.  This name is pronounced (in french) as "Zhyoñ - Paowl,   Dee' Ree" ,,, NOT, "geene' pawl, dearie"
  My handle is "longway", but my friends call me "JP".    I never,dreamed that my site would grow to such a huge size when i first got the idea to share some of the things in life that i have discovered which make me happy, spark my interest, and provide an opportunity for me to learn something i had not known before.  
     I love sharing things, and i guess that explains my last decade of career choice as a teacher.  I have taught in both industry and college, as it was my passion to share the information that had taken me so long to absorb at the rate of 80 / 20,  ratio.  
The 80 /20  law states that 20% of all one learns, is used around 80% of the time.  And the majority of  80% of what you leaned is only, "filler",  that may be necessary to help you learn the important parts, in order to make it all work and is only used around 20% of the time.  I see my "teacher's" role as cutting through the 80% and concentrating on the real value of the 20% that will actually be needed, and used, at the rate of 80% of the time.   So, then, here is my presentation of my life and my interests, as well as things that i feel may find appeal to various visitors.  My goal is to put something on my site that will appeal to everybody, in some way.   It is my desire to entertain, and interest you all to the things that comprise my world.   If  you find parallels in your own lives, then we are not all that dissimilar.

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November 19 2013

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