My life in photos
( 29 years old)

     This was taken just before we moved to Chula Vista.  I was 29 or 30 in this shot.   We were living in Escondido at the time over on West 7th Ave., on the wrong side of the 395.   US 395 was the main road in and out of San Diego at the time.  Two lane part of the way.   I was commuting back and forth from Rohr Industries, spending 45 minutes traveling each way and decided that if i was going to be making a career at Rohr, i had better get the family seated down there and forget about this commuting baloney.   As you can see, i did not have any gray hair that was noticeable yet.  Although i had isolated gray hairs since my twenties they never ganged up on me all in the same location till i was near 40 years old.   I can Remember the day that this photo was taken.   Isn't that something?  Geez, that was over 36 years ago. We were going to church on a Sunday morning.  I was a Lutheran at the time. Leslie, my then current wife, wanted to take a picture of me all dressed up. I normally did not wear suits nor ties, except for special occasions. I was a blue collar worker for the first part of my working career.

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