My life in photos
( 39 years old)

     Big break in photos here.  I am now thirty nine years old and eleven years has passed since that last shot.  I am recently divorced again from my second wife and these are my belated 'wild days' at last.   It was time to sew my "wild oats" ( before they turned into shredded wheat )
Between the years of 1976 and 1981 i was a bit of a wild and crazy guy.  Everything i thought i had missed in life, i picked up on during this period.  Wine, women, and song, not necessarily in that order,  I had an abundance of them all in those years, and i drank my fill.  I was playing the five string banjo in a little bluegrass band in the evenings and week-ends, to help keep a roof over my head.  Working as a Tooling Designer during the day time.   I was riding around on a Kawasaki motorcycle because i could not afford a car after Leslie's lawyer got finished with me in the divorce settlement, but i didn't care.  I was free and easy again and having the time of my life.   Doing what i wanted, when i wanted and not harming anybody but myself in the process.   By the time the 80's rolled around, my cup was about full and i started to think of settling down again.   I had caught up on all i thought i had missed, at last.   I met my Sonja just about the same time this photo was taken. I can remember because i had just started to grow my beard and it was only about a month old in this shot. Sonja has never seen my face, as my beard was 6 weeks old when she met me and i have never shaved it off since that time. Let's see.. 1975 was when i started growing it, that is 25 years of whiskers. I probably would not recognize myself if i shaved now. I might even discover something that i rather not know about, like a double chin or something.

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