My life in photos
( 56 years old)

     When i was fifty six years old, i walked daughter # 2 down the aisle.  Michele was a very beautiful bride and i was very proud.  I also got very drunk at the wedding party that evening.  Three of our 7 grand children are from Michele.  Jessica was the first grand daughter, and i had the joy to help raise her for the first three years of her life.  We were best buddies and did lots of things together, especially in the morning hours when momma like to sleep in till 11 am or so.   I would peek into her room and there she would be, her little head peeking over the bars of the crib, silently waiting for her "Pah".   She could not say grandpa so she settled for Pah, instead. I would clean her up and dress her, then we would be off, hand in hand on our weekend adventures. We would hike to the donut shop, about a half mile away. When she was just starting to walk, i would carry her most of the way, but by the time she was two, she was a regular little hoofer. She was fascinated by the etched contractor's logo's, stamped into the side walks, periodically. She would have me stop and go over the names and what they do. The old men in the donut shop on Saturday and Sunday mornings, would delight in listening to a two sweet little year old tell them all about the concrete business and who does the best job.

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