My life in photos
(71 years old)

    Well, maybe i will make it  a while longer.  Although my PSA is over 250 now, the cancer does not bother me nor present any fear for me.  I feel great, i am 71 now and i need no medication at all,  my blood pressure is like a teen ager's.  I am saddened watching all my dear old friends perish and languish from afflictions while i am still healthy and still have all of my hair. (hee hee Which i never take a care for, as you can see.)
I am still the happiest guy in the world, with a wife to die for, who cares for me like i was royalty or something.  My short time memory is shot in the butt, however i compensate with my little electronic digital recorder, which serves as my temporary memory for the current time.  I love being old.  Old age is a marvelous time for me and each decade that i journey through is better than the previous one.  I am looking forward to my 80's, but not so intently that i forget to enjoy my 70's, which have been wonderful, and much more rewarding than i had  hoped for when i used to think of myself as "Old and Retired".  I am truly blessed beyond my expectations.

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