This is Abongile Cushe.     Abongile lives in South Africa.  Abongile's birthday is in November, on the 11th of the month in 1995 which is a coincidence as my one of my favorite numbers is 11:11 and has spiritual meanings for me.   Abongile's family is very poor and although both his parents are alive and doing what they can to support the family they can not make enough for the families necessities  and applied for help from World Vision.   We picked up Abongile's sponsorship in May of 2000.  This little 5 year old's favorite play time activity is playing wire wagons.  Not having normal toys they make little toy wagons from scrap wire and coat hangers, using jar covers for wheels.  He in kindergarten and his favorite school activity is drawing pictures.  Picking up papers and trash are his chores and he helps his mother out doing anything he can for her.   The MPOFU  ADP project is the organization that provides school, food, adequate clothing and religious instruction for Abongile, which is a great relief for his financially deprived family.  The project also extends help to the families in the project as well as the individual children.  Abongile joins Rony and Linosca in our international family making him the third and newest member.  We hope to get another Sponsored child a little later on this  year.  Rony lives in the Philippines and Linosca lives in the Dominican Republic.