This is Ada.  Ada is married to Lynn and they live in Chula Vista, not far from me.   Ada was born in Mexico and is soon to become a Citizen of the USA.   You can see by the expression on her pretty face, that Ada is a happy, up beat type of lady.   Ada met Lynn when She used to baby sit for his Daughter,  (our granddaughter) Alexis.   Ada is going to be angry with me for putting this picture up but i think it really captures the spirit of the lady and shows how warm and friendly she is.  Much better than a 'studio' portrait can do.   In the home maker department Ada is meticulous and eager to please her husband.  She has even been known to ask him which slice of bread does he want her to put the meat, when making a sandwich.  Now, that is dedication.   How come american girls don't try that hard.  Well, pretty soon one more American girl will, and that american girl will be Ada,  when she gets her papers.  Way to go girl, you are on a roll.