The USS Atka, AGB3

I spent almost two years sea sick on this ship.  Seen here in Greenland, in 1962


       Here is the USS Atka, AGB3.  After two years on a beautiful heavy cruiser this squat little ugly looking cereal bowl of a ship was murder to get used to.  I was sea sick every time we pulled out of port and stayed sick for three days.  After three days of misery, something would click in my head and i would stop getting sick and just ge irritated and in bad humor for the rest of the rough weather.   And believe me rough weather is an understatement when you hit the roaring 40's.  That is a stretch of ocean between New Zealand and Antarctica.   Roughest water on the earth, we commonly took rolls in excess of 60 degrees and pitching beyond 30 degrees.  That means the bulkheads (walls) were closer to being horizontal than the deck (floor).   We would walk on one bulkhead, then the deck and then up the other bulkhead, to just get around in heavy seas.

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