(a video stroll in Bay View Park & Marina)

    This is a Satellite shot of the Bay View Park, which is located just 1 km from my house as i stroll down  J  Street in a westerly direction.  I have lightened the area that is not included in this presentation.  I have so many friends who do not live in the USA, and most of them have never even been to the States but we write to one another all the time and when i talk to them about where i live, it is difficult to describe this place, so i decided to make a presentation which will be a walk around the Park with videos taken at various places along the stroll.  So, if you would like to see where i live, then come along with me and we will take a walk down by the Chula Vista Harbor, on the San Diego Bay.


     Below is where my street ends and our stroll through the park Begins.   This photo and the ones that follow are also links to the videos that i took while walking through the park and the surrounding area.   You will see numbers on each of these shots and each one is a link to the video that i took at that point on this aerial map.  To see what the park looks like from that location, just left click on the number from where you want to view the video clip. Most of them will be full 360º pans, when practical.  Also most of them will begin with the camera facing east. Each picture will also contain a compass icon in the upper right corner of the image that will tell you where North is, with respect to the view.   Have fun, and i hope you enjoy your walk with me around the place where i live.


Map #1
The eastern park and picnic area


    Although i am making the walk in sequence with the numbered circles on the map, you can hop around all you want to. Each video is complete in itself.   In overlapping views, i will put the numbers in both sections, for continuity and orientation to the view.  In general, i will be walking around the park in a counter clockwise direction, starting off going almost due west, down "J" street where i live.   I will circle the south section of the park and marina and then i will head for the north side of the park which lies across the Channel the boats use to gain entry to the San Diego Bay.


Map #2
The beginning of the marina area

     Heading west there is a long stretch to the end of the street, where the land hooks around in a northerly direction, forming the double barrier between our harbor and the ocean which is blocked farther out by the Silver Strand, a long strip of land that connects Coronado, which would otherwise be an island, to Imperial beach.  The harbor is one of the best protected and safest in the world.


Map #3
The Chula Vista Harbor, marina and launch area

     You have a good view of the entire Harbor in this shot from a higher elevation.  For those who are wondering where i got all the Satellite photos, just go to "Google Earth" with your search engine and you will be able to travel all over the world from in front of your computer.   All of the land you see here, by the way, was put there since i moved to Chula Vista.   This entire area is man-made, it all used to be just San Diego Bay and the waters came right up to the buildings.   Everything on the park side of the red dotted line, in the over view photo, was built by bring in land fill over a few years and dumping it in the bay until all the land you see west of that red dotted line was formed and developed.   I don't know what it cost the City but they certainly made a money making area out of our of formerly swampy marsh where the bay once started and a very pleasant recreation area for the residents of the place we call, "The South Bay".


Map #4
The business area for the Harbor

     These locations are along Marina Parkway where all of the businesses are located as well as the Chula Vista Yacht Club in the area of 20 and 21.  There is a great restaurant at 22 and several other businesses.  You will get a couple good shots of the boats in the harbor with these links.   At the far side at 24, you will see and hear, (if the wind is strong enough today) the Wind Harp somebody made and installed there.  As the wind blows, different tones are produced by the harp and the stronger the wind, the more musical tones are added to the Harp's voice. It is an eerie sound when one listens to it.


Map #5
The north recreation area and RV Park

    We are at the last leg of our walk now and this is the North side of the Bay View Park and Marina.  On the area 25 sits an array of wind vanes, and they are really strange because they don't all point the same way at the same time, but wave and point in slightly different directions.  They move in both the vertical and horizontal direction so the effect is rather chaotic to watch.   These different pointing directions of the vanes are due to changes in the complex turbulence of the constant sea breeze as it tumbles first over the Silver Strand to our west and the shore of the harbor.   This is the constant and blessed breeze that turns Chula Vista into a paradise with the tempering effect that body of water has on our climate.   It cools us in the summer and it warms us in the winter, so our average temperatures are much more temperate than they are only 10 miles inland.   Well, we have ended out little walk, i hope you enjoyed it and will go on to see the many other items i have on my site.  I literally have many thousands of files on my site and a normal person could not see it all in a week or more.   Have a great day and come visit again as often as you like.