(a video stroll at the end of my street)


  This is the over view of the south half of the Bay Side Park & Marina, which is located at the foot of 'J' street. This is all reclaimed land and it you notice the pink dots running along the phantom view of the old Rohr Industries... Well, everything on the bay side, was nothing but water when I came to Chula Vista. At lunch time we used to feed the ducks, on the other side of the fence that surrounded Rohr compound. For months, the trucks came and dumped fill in the bay, and little by little, all the land was brought here from someplace else. Now we have a beautiful park and Marina. A yacht basin, a launching ramp, and a park that is split in two parts, the south and the north part of the Bay view Park. I am about to take you on a journey around the park with a series of little maps that are marked with circled numbers. Each circle is a camera position where I made three hundred and 60 degree pans of the nearby areas. Clicking on a number will bring up a video of the -full circle- around that spot. I hope you enjoy your tour, as much as I enjoyed making it.



Bay View Park and Marina


This first shot is taken at the entrance to the park from J Street, a few blocks west from my house.   Most of these videos were started facing east, but not all of them so, when I started out the pan, facinga different direction, I will note that in the video itself as i comment on what is being viewed.

Entrence to park at the end of  J  Street

South end of Park

North end of park

North end of park businss area.