Charlie and Helen

     This is Helen and Charlie and i in Charlie's front yard.  Charlie and Helen live in Wallingford, Connecticut.  Charlie is a retired (i hope) Tool & Die maker whom i worked with many years ago in West Hartford.   I was assigned to help Charlie one time for few months, back in the late 50's.  I learned a lot from this clever guy.  Charlie got burned badly on the job when some moron ground up a bunch of magnesium and left all the grindings there on the machine without any warning signs or any thing.  Charlie went to grind a steel die and as soon as the sparks hit that magnesium, whoosh, it blew up in Charlie's face.  He was rebuilding his home at the time and could not work with all the bandages on his hands so all the guys pitched in on weekends and helped him with the job.  I drank a lot of Charlie's beer.