Chris Reimer

     Chris is a lightworker friend and part of the inner circle of friends. Chris is a man of many talents, one of which is jewelry designer/maker. Chris lives in Ocean Beach and is well suited for the lifestyle in that "kicked back" community. Chris has a quick mind and a great sense of humor. In this shot, Chris was the odd man out at a Lightworker seminar and there were not an even number of people in attendance so Chris did not have a partner. When it came time to tie a blindfold on his partner, he didn't hesitate for a second but turned around and chose the room's central support pole as his partner. He did complain however later when his partner would not accompany him outside for the exercise. Chris and another dear friend, Carol were married in 2001 and make a great couple. They own and operate a Crystal shop called "Wisdom Crystal" in Ocean Beach. Chris made the crystal pendant that i wear, all the time.

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