Claire DeSpirito     
( Maiden name, Déry)

     Claire was born "Claire Déry" but as far as we can tell we are not blood relations.   Claire found my name on the Internet and wrote to me to see if we were family or not.   This led to a lot of emails over several months and when i went back to New England for a visit in the fall of 2002, i stopped off at her place in Rhode Island, for a visit.   Claire is a hair dresser and during the 24 hours i was at her farm (She has 28 acres) she washed my hair twice and cut it four times.   
     Claire Plays the Guitar also and likes to play chess, although she had trouble hanging on to her queen when we played and we had to restart the game three times.   A mutual friend, Dan told me that Claire can't play without her queen and is completely demoralized when she looses it.  Claire is a warm and intelligent lady who has done some serious study on the tribes of Israel and their historical journeys.  She is quick to point out any and all conspiracies that she feels threaten her friends, and she knows a bunch of them, I can tell you.

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