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     Co-creation was a concept that i had never heard of before reading the Kryon books, as channeled by Lee Carroll.  My philosophy in life in the 80's was to sit in my 'inner-tube' and float down the stream of life to what ever situations and circumstances the stream carried me.   Accepting what ever lot that i was dealt and then making the best of it.   I understand the process of making the best of every situation is called, "Spiritual Alchemy".   This is a gift that is becoming a major driving force in my life.   Transmuting (seemingly) bad situations into the best possible outcome (or very close).   The situation is not bad or good until all have reacted and interacted and finished with that energy. What lies in the aftermath is the result and only after all of the data is in, can it be judged as "bad" or "good". Until it is over It is simply still in motion and you can help steer the way it goes.
     So, there i am, floating down the stream of life, at the whim of the currents and not knowing where they are taking me or what lies ahead.  However, i am assured of my "daily bread" and i am quite confident that what ever came my way, i could transmute into something good for all involved.   This is all that was available to me at that time.   I could make bad things come out good, but i had to wait for the bad things to happen and then act, after the fact. I had no control over which way i was traveling or even cared. I was happy and i knew that things which look bad on the surface could be changed into something good. Hey, that is spiritual alchemy.   The only thing that is possible now, that was not possible when i knew nothing of this (magical) stuff, is that now i do not have to sit in my inner-tube and drift. Trusting the currents to carry me to places that are safe and happy.
     In the energy of the new age, we have been given oars. Paddles to help us navigate the stream of life and direct our paths to the places in which we feel the best.   We no longer have to be satisfied with waiting for things to happen and then changing bad stuff into good stuff   We can steer the whole process and eliminate the bad stuff from the equation.  We have prayed to various entities for centuries untold. Asking favors and protection from a world in which we should be feeling "At Home".   Every body was in agreement that we all have a "piece of God", within our souls and we were "special" because of this.   Except for Jesus, how many people do you know who have taken advantage of this special God-kernal within our beings and worked any miracles in the last two thousand years?   Ahh, OK, then you have named a few of the martyrs and noted historical souls that qualify.   Does this indicate that you really do believe in miracles.?  A Neanderthal man from the ice age, if instantly transported into the center of Disneyland would quickly develop a name for the sights he experienced and the equivalent of Miracle would be on that list.  What we can not find a scientific label for, or explanation, science debunks and more spiritual people embrace.   A skeptic may never agree that any thing spiritual exists or can control the physical.  Perhaps control is a little harsh term. Effect is a better one.   They debunk the "fortune tellers", as the gifted were labeled, and  I was actually told by the people from whom i gained my early religious instruction, ".. Going to a fortune teller is a sin ...".   Whooo. This is Heavy stuff coming from people who devoutly adhered to the words of the, Prophets..
(except they called it "divine inspiration" instead of "channeling", as we call it today)
    That was then and this is the future (as viewed from then). What our reality is now, we helped shape on an individual level. All of us collectively have created this reality. The more consciously sensitive we are of our reality, the more influence we have over it. We can actually change it, if we do not like what we have at the current time. We have the ability to strongly effect our reality at this time in the evolution of the planet. This ability is called co-creation and is accomplished by uniting with our "higher selves" and causing the changes that we want to see. This stuff, really works!  Under the new age energy that has been bombarding earth since the 11:11 went out, it is making it easier every day, to co-create or use any of the many other gifts of spirit that have been bestowed upon us with the shifting of the Grid. Today is February 8, 2002 and the work of Kryon is just about completed with respect to the shifting of the grid. With the earth's magnetic grid in it's new position we have an atmosphere and energy very similar to Atlantis. The veil that separates biology from spirit is thinning, and more people are discovering their new talents. Some psychics, some empaths, some channelers, the new gifts come in many flavors. The end result is that we can now have a closer communion with our higher selves, that part of us that is God. Although we are joined, we in biology can not easily tell, and indeed most of the world can not feel their higher selves, nor their angels and guides. That is changing however as the new energy takes root and is being used by those of us in biology who are aware of the changes and can help others to see and feel them also, if asked. It is not an evangelistic path at all, but one of sharing with those who wish it for them selves. We our selves become the changes that we would like to see, and it is noticed. There is no need for evangelism for we realize that gifts only come when the recipient is open to them. The job of the lightworker is not to preach, but to live in the light so he or she is noticed by others as "different", in a way that inspires others to curiosity about the events and situations which brought about this difference. Enablement is the name of the game. Scout ahead and report back to those who have not yet journeyed as far, then guide them to a place that is farther along on their path where they can see for them selves and help others to find the way to their own power. Claiming your power is best demonstrated by co-creation. If i can show one person that this is a valid gift of spirit and help that one person realize that it is THEIR birthright to use this power for the good of all concerned, then i am one happy and successful lightworker.
     To illustrate the concept of co-creation i want to share some of my own experiences with the gift. You can only co-create for yourself, by the way, so do not waste your time trying to change anybody else's life. All you will accomplish is to give them your permission to change. The co-creation can only be accomplished by the person involved, and no second or third parties.
     Here are a couple of stories that will give you an idea of what you can accomplish with co-creation. The less specific you are with your intent, the easier it is for your spiritual counter part to bring about the energy manipulation needed to manifest the new reality.  This first story is a simple one that involves co-creating a "thing" rather than a situation. It happened to me in November of 2001. I was doing a lot of photo editing for a new age web site called,
.  I am also the translation manager for that site and my tasks at lightworker really load up my hard drive. I was running out of space on my computer and i needed a larger hard drive to accommodate all the extra file volumes caused by the photos and translations etc.. This was very close to Christmas and being on a simi-fixed income, (i am retired but my wife works) i did not want to be wasting $240 for the 60 gigabyte hard drive that i had been dreaming of having. With 9 grandchildren i would need the money for Christmas gifts and so forth. The situation became worse and my computer went slower and slower as the swap files became smaller due to no room on the drive. I finally decided to co-create a hard drive for my self, although i did not express it as such when i co-created it. I only co-created "more room" on my computer. I did not specify how that extra room would manifest itself. I connected with my self, and verbally gave intent to co-create more memory space for my computer. This was around the first week in November.
     About a week later, my friend Steve Leedy came by the house and had something for me. You guessed it! A brand new, 60,000,000,000 byte hard drive. Steve had been to a computer show the day before and he spotted these 60 gigabyte drives for sale at only $135. He knew i needed a new drive so he bought it for me. I explained to Steve that the reason i had not bought one for myself was that Christmas was coming up and i did not want to spend the money on myself at this time. Steve said, "No problemo, bro. Pay me back at $20 a month starting next year in February."   I had no idea how i would get the extra room on my machine, but i did not need to know that part. That was my angel's job. Mine was only to set the wheels in motion with my intent and visualize the result.   Belief has a big part in the process as well. The more confident you are in the system, the better it works for you.
     Here is an even bigger job that happened around the same time. November was my month for co-creating, i guess. This involves my home and the ratty old carpeting we had. The carpet was 20 years old and stained beyond cleaning. It was an embarrassment for us and made us reluctant to invite people to our home. We covered the biggest spots and bare spots with scatter rugs until our home looked like a Viking Hut strewn with animal skins on the floor. It was getting to the point that it bothered me so i decided to do something about it. If you do not like where you are, it is very easy now to simply move the world a little bit all around you, so you are more comfortable. I gave intent for a solution to the "shabby carpet dilemma". I needed a new carpet so i gave intent and passed the ball to my partner on the other side of the veil. Well, as Steve Rother often says, "be careful where you point that thing.", referring to your intent. When you get your wish, it may surprise you.
     Once more i left the intent as general as i could and left it up to spirit to bring about the solution. A few nights later i arose from sleep to go to the bath room. Our two Pomeranian "babies" sleep on our bed with us and on occasion will not bother to use the "potty papers", but leave a little souvenir on the rug for us to step in. As my foot hit the floor, i thought to my self, "OH, crap! The dogs peed on the floor", but as i took a second step, and heard that loud splooshing noise, i knew that no dog in the universe had a bladder that large. Something was wrong, and i hurried in the darkness to the bathroom, which had an inch of water on the floor, submerging the carpet. The toilet was spilling over from the bowl. Our bedroom is on the second floor directly above the garage and as soon as i got the water shut off, i hurried downstairs to see what damage had been done down there. The landing on the bottom of the stairs was sopping wet also and as i opened the garage door, i could hear the water cascading down. The circuit breakers had all clicked off and in the light of the flashlight, i could see the water fall that was coming from the electric light fixture in the ceiling. The garage ceiling was all wet and water was pouring down, flooding the garage as well. What a mess it was. However as a spiritual alchemist, i knew that this was not as much of a disaster as it appeared to be.
   As Steve says, " Watch where you point that thing.". Here was my miracle, in disguise. The energy was set up for the co-creation but now it was our job to make it work. A month later, when all the renovation was finished we not only had new carpeting both upstairs and down stairs, but we had a new garage ceiling, with insulation that was two times as thick as the old stuff. We had the upstairs painted and a new toilet installed.   And my co-creation only cost us $250. We had around eight thousand dollars of renovations performed and it only cost us $250, for the insurance deductible fee. Your co-creation results are not always what you may expect them to be, and in this case a lot depended on us, but that is the way it works, you both have our parts to do in order to co-create. It is not like praying, where you give your magic away to somebody else, it is more like saying to God, "Hey, good buddy. Lets do this thing, OK? I will do what it takes down on my side.  You can pull the right strings on that side of the veil to get the energy right for the thing to happen, and together we will Make It So."  That is basically all that co-creation is. A partnering with God to steer your reality in the direction that will make you the happiest. Where you are the happiest is where you can do the most good for everybody, especially yourself.
     This last little account of co-creation is a bit more dramatic as it involves situations and people, rather than "things" like sticks and bricks. When people are involved, then the pudding thickens and things become more complex. Steve Rother called me one day and asked me to check out a site in Israel that he suspected of selling his copyrighted material. We used to have a Hebrew translation team but both ladies went on to other things and for the past year or more, from the time of Steve's request, we had nobody who could read Hebrew. I went to the site he spoke of and sure enough there were our Beacons of Light meditations from the entire year up until that month's issue. They had eleven of our bulletins on their site but i had no way of knowing if they were selling them or not. I knew they were our beacons of light by looking at the source code for the web page and seeing the names of the files, which were still in English. I downloaded all of the Hebrew Beacons of light that they had and wrote back to Steve telling him that although i had the translations, i could not process them without any Hebrew translators and we had been without any any for over a year. Like wise our Turkish team was non existent as well, and i don't even know what happened to Fatima because she never told me she was leaving.    At any rate, here i was with Hebrew translations, and no translators to process them. I told Steve we need to co-create a Hebrew team now that we had something to work with. This is what i did and in less than 30 hours, i received an email from a lovely lady in Tel Aviv who asked me if she could help us out in any way. She was an author and wanted to volunteer her skills as a translator to us. Her guides had told her that we needed help at
(this she told me much later on, i did not know it at the time) and she was ready to help out in any way she could. Two days later i got another email from another lady in the same city, Tel Aviv and she volunteered to help us also. Just this morning, i got one more letter from a gentleman in Israel who also wants to help. I bet that he can do html code also, because that is what i am currently waiting for on the Hebrew site. I will not know until he responds to my letter. Here we are now creating situations involving thousands of miles and contacting people half way around the world, making them aware of your needs and bringing about the miracle by nothing more than your intent. As a side note to this story, i was so impressed with the speed at which this particular co-creation took place, that i extended it to the Turkish team, who also has zero members at the time. With in two weeks of giving intent for a Turkish team, we had one with four people on it. Now, that is power. That is using the power that is yours now and co-creating what you want for yourself. The more good it can do for the most people, the better job you will do with the co-creation. It only takes the confidence that comes with solid belief in the process and a tiny bit of effort on the part of the biological partner to get the ball rolling. As the old TV commercial used to say, "Try it. You'll like it."

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