Constants, numbers, and formulae

    This page is devoted to anybody out there who ever wondered how to convert one quantity to another and wished could remember the numbers with which to do it.  I have been collecting things like this for as long as i can remember.  Some i developed myself because i could not find it any where else.  For example what if you wanted to express speed in units of "Furlongs per fort nite"?
  Never mind why, just suppose, OK?  Would you know how?  Of course not.  Nobody would.  That is a stupid conversion because nobody uses furlongs per fortnight.  It is mostly miles or kilometers per hour or some such thing.  But the point is you will probably find it here if you are looking for a way to do it. Numbers and numerical curiosities. Here is a collection of number related items of interest.




Important Numbers
 Conversion Factors
 Trigonometry in a nut shell
Repeating Number Meanings
Geometric  Formulas

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