Here is a little bit of visual information for you all to consider.  When thinking of humans and humankind, we realize we are top dog on the planet and at the top of the food chain.  Here is a little visual exercise to bring things back into perspective.  Begriming with our home, which is the largest of the inner "rock like" planets and traveling through the cosmos, looking at how we stack up with some of the really "Big Boys", of the universe.    For your enjoyment, here is a small visual presentation to demonstrate, just how tiny we really are, sitting out here on the fringes of our galaxy on a tiny ball of rock, forest, water and sand.  This puts things into the proper perspective for me.
Above you can see the five smallest planets in our own solar system.  Earth is clearly the largest of the Five smaller planets.  This might make some of us feel pretty proud, but read on and see where we stack up against the giants.



When we start looking at the gas giants, like Jupiter and Saturn (shown here without it's rings or moons) we look pretty little, and take a look at little pluto, now.  Pluto is now thought to be an asteroid rather than a planet.



As large as Jupiter is, the gas giants are dwarfed by our Sun.  The central figure in our solar system is immense compared to her children and even Monster Planets like Jupiter and Saturn, look like marbles or beads compared to Sol.



As large as our sun seems to us, in comparison to the rest of the planets in our solar system, it is in it's own place made to look like a tiny bit of buck shot, or a b-b from an air rifle.  Check out Arcturus for example and look how much larger it is than our own sun.



Just as was the case with our own sun, being dwarfed by Arcturus, look at how tiny Arcturus is compared to the really big boys, Betelgeuse and Antares.   It certainly does serve to show us that no matter how lofty a status we occupy on our own planet, we are as insignificant as a sand flea on the Sahara Desert when it comes to pure size alone.    However consider also that these giants all are part of their own galaxies which are still larger still.



     We are looking at a section of space as seen through the Hubble Telescope.  This photo shows galaxies that are billions of light years away from us, filled with stars, planets, and undoubtedly life as well.  It is almost an impossibility that we are the only sentient beings in the Universe, and as you can see from these comparisons, we are actually not of much significance at all, compared to the Cosmos which is infinite.  Sort of a humbling experience, isn't it?  


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