Who says dogs don't smile?

Pookie and Cricket at the bay.  Pookie gets so happy she dances a little jig when i bring her to the beach.   You can hear them playing, at home, in the background now if you have Real Audio player. Although they sound like they are killing each other, they are only playing and use a great range of vocal expressions in their games.

      Here are our infamous poop'in puppies, Pookie and Cricket,  flashing big smiles for me today.  Good reason too as they are in the back of my truck down at the San Diego bay front, waiting for me to put them on the ground to run and play.  These two are still a little awed by the sea side, with the waves and all that great smelly seaweed to roll in.  I am a bit cautious when i bring these two down there because i have spotted red tail hawks around the area hunting field mice and squirrels, and these guys only weigh 5 lb..  So when i take them to the bay i tether them together with a 12 foot (plenty long) leash.  They have movement, it teaches them cooperation, and if a big hawk should  grab one,  he won't be able to fly more than 12 feet till he hits the end of the leash. I can't imagine a Red Tail flying off with a 10 pound load.