The "Daisy Mae"

     The USS Des Moines, CA134.  This was my home and this was my  home port for two years.  Villefranche, Sur Mer.  Right in the middle of the French riviera, near Monaco and Niece.   The most beautiful place i ever had seen in my life until then.  The view, steaming into the harbor is spectacular.   We had to moor out, as you see us now and take the scheduled motor launch runs or take the  "bum boats" into the fleet landing.  It used to cost 100 francs for a bum boat ride.   The fishermen of the village all used to run bum boats on the side for extra cash.   Those were wonderful memory making days.  Skin diving among the rocky shores and lounging on the pebbled beaches.  They do not have sand there for some strange reason, just smooth rounded pebbles instead of sand.

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