Robert's Dart Board in a cabinet design,

minus the 2 dart shelves in each door.

My Grandson Robert wanted a dart board for his birthday and he got a really nice one.  Electronic, with dart that have soft, playable plastic tips.   The dart game is a computerized version of the real thing, with safe darts.  They will not stick into anything other than the dart board.  And where they hit, they register their location to the computer and the score is automatically tallied.  However what he also wanted was the dart board to be in a cabinet.  This is what i came up with, and built for him.  This shot does not show the shelves in the hinged lids.   Picture two shelves, splitting each hinged door into three sections.  Picture each shelve with holes in it to accept the darts when not in play and you have it.   The doors close and latch to make just a rectangular box hanging on the wall.

(rendered models)