Well  i'll be
ding dang doggied !

   If yew ain't figger'd out how ta git  tha answers menyou.   I really gotta hand it  t'ya fer be'in sew smart.  If'n ya really wanna go on and PEEK, n'sted'a   x-ercizin yer sweet breads, then jes pull (click) on my finger an Bart Simson will entertain Yew.

how ever

    If   y'uns  be smart 'nuf ta figger out how ta git c'heer, then i betcha y'alls smart 'nuf ta figger out tha ding dang puzzle in tha furst place and yew  awt ta  jes hit the "back to Posers" opshun.  Das all i gots a say.



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