All purpose storage rack

     This is a universal storage rack that will accommodate VHS tape cassettes (the red ones on the bottom), Standard CD's (shown in green) and the smaller Zip disks (the blue guys)  The design of this rack is so simple.  Except for the sliding keepers and  foot pads, the entire thing is made from standard wooden dowels.   Each shelf has a sliding keeper that is removed by simply twisting it about a vertical axis.   The slots in the ends of the keepers allow it to be moved to any shelf location in the rack.  Twist, lift out and put it anywhere else it is needed.  The Vertical dowels can be replaced with 2"x2" square lumber or just a wide board, for that matter.   I designed it from dowels to minimize the sanding.  Pretty lazy of me to even think of something like that, huh? 

(rendered models)