The Entertainers

      The name of this group is, "The Entertainers" and most of us are retired teachers and engineers.  Emanuel, that guy with the big smile and the mandolin still works for a living but the rest of us don't have to any more.  We make a circuit of old age homes, convalescent hospitals, and places like that around San Diego county, playing music for the invalids and elderly.  It is not uncommon to play three times a month at times.  The group left to right (front), me - pan flute, penny whistle, harmonica,  Stacey - Fiddle,  Emanuel - mandolin, recorder,  (back row) Diane - autoharp, Lynne - autoharp, Judy - Bass, and John - Guitar.   We play the oldies for the old folks.  Stuff like "Bill Bailey", "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Bye Bye Blues", etc...  It is a lot of fun and keeps us idle retired folks off the street.