Monsieur Georges Poisson

    This is Georges.  Georges was named by "Spaghetti Joe" when he said the fish looked like a little Frenchmen with a red beret.  Joe could even envision a loaf of French bread under his fin and a hand rolled cigarette in his little fishy mouth, as he swam back to "Chez Lui"   Georges is one of the original three fish that we put into the pond as an experiment to see if fish could survive with no help from us at all.  We bought three fish.  Two that looked like Georges and one gold fish looking one.   After 6 months or more i noticed little fish in the pond.  Bingo...  We had a little independent eco-system here. The fish were breeding and thriving all by them selves in the pond. George got so big and fat, i think he ate himself to death. Perhaps he was just old, i don't know but Ole' George went to that big fish bowl in the sky. He may have been bullied by the larger gold fish. We have some that are around 8" long now and i did see them "crowd" George from time to time.


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