Howie and me

     Howie is another long time friend.  Howie and i were in the same Technical school together.  Howie was my first 'drinking buddy'.   We had found a place in Milford, Connecticut that would serve us beer when we were only eighteen years old and we used to go out there frequently.  Howie had an old 1942 Packard automobile with a straight eight engine.  We used to call it the "doozenburg" and it used a quart of brake fluid and a several quarts of oil each night we went cruising out to Milford.  Howie would leave the floorboard off so he could open the master brake cylinder and add brake fluid when we hit the long stop lights.   After drinking more than we should have, we would  take the Doozenburg for a walk, while we sang folk songs all night.  Taking the car for a walk involved walking along side of it while it idled along in 1st gear, and every once in a while, Howie would have to reach in and give the steering wheel a little push one way or the other.   Sometimes we would just park the car and walk around singing our songs till we started to sober up, and then try to find where we had parked the car again.  We had some grand times together, Howie and i.   I have many great memories of Howie and the things we used to do together when we were a couple of wild puppies on the prowl.