Howie & Arlene

      Here is a shot of my old friend Howie and his wife Arlene.   When we were kids Howie used to tease Arlene and call her names.  I was amazed that they got married and even more amazed that after i went through three marriages they still are together.  Howie and i went to E.C. Goodwin Tech. together.  He took electrical and became an electrician, i took machine shop and became a tool and die maker.  Aside from Karen, Howie is my longest known friend.  We go all the way back to 1954.  We became friends on a school trip to New York City.  At that time it was illegal to drink until 21 years old in Connecticut but in New York state, you could drink beer at 18, and if you were only 16 or 17 and looked older, they would not 'card' you at all.  As soon as the class took a break we headed to the bar and had a great afternoon.  We then became drinking buddies. Arlene passed on in 2000, which was a big surprise for everybody who knew her. Howie was the one in poor health, and Arlene seemed perfectly healthy.