Idiot Quiz Answers
(Brace yourself, this is going to be rough on you)

     We, i guess by now you suspect some sort of trick and i guess you can consider this a trick although there is really nothing tricky about it except the association with the words of the titles for these things. We hear about things like cedar chests, and we do not think they would be made from Cherry, or birch, or pine but on the same coin, just because the name sounds descriptive, does not mean that it really is. Here then are the answers. Give yourself 9 points for each correct answer and zero for each wrong answer.
How long did the 100 Years War last ?
It lasted 116 years.
Which country makes Panama Hats ?
They are made in Ecuador.
From which animal do we get catgut ?
Catgut comes from sheep and horses.
In which month do the Russians celebrate the October Revolution ?
They celebrate in November.
What is a Camel's Hair Brush made of ?
They are made from squirrel fur.
The Canary Islands, in the Pacific are named for which animal ?
They were named for dogs.
What was King George VI's first name ?
His first name was Albert.
What color is the Purple Finch ?
The purple finch is crimson in color.
Where are Chinese Gooseberries from ?
They come from New Zealand
What is the color of the "Black Box" in a commercial airplane ?
Although they are called black boxes they are painted alert orange.
Who's buried in Grant's tomb ?
Nobody is burried there, it is a monument.
What color is a White Rhino ?
All Rhinos are gray, even the white Rhino.

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