Jef (with one 'F')

     This is Jef   (with one 'F').  Jef and i have been friends since the day we met.  He is one of those individuals whom with you 'click' immediately.  You love him or you hate him, and i love him dearly.  Jef is responsible in good measure for my successful rise to fame as a 'super user' down at the bomber plant.  (the name we sometimes called the company we both worked for).   Jef is the single most knowledgeable person i know of over all computer operations and systems.  He was my resource when ever i got stuck, while learning about the work stations we were using.  Jef was part of the system operation group and really got me on an accelerated path by helping skip learning the 80% of the data i never would need nor use and concentrate on the 20% that i had to  have to thrive.  He lives with his wife Linda in El Cajon, California.  About 30 miles inland from me.