(Spaghetti)  Joe

This is my buddy Joe.   Sonja's family call him "Spaghetti Joe" because his spaghetti saved the day at a family pot luck we had at my place the first time Joe met the family.   The children did not like anything we had to eat until Joe got there with his now famous pasta.   The kids ate it up and Joe became "Spaghetti Joe" to the clan.  Joe is a design engineer and we met while i was teaching in the college Joe was attending.  My buddy and fellow teacher, Jef had Joe in his classes and  he introduced us.   Joe is from New York City, in the Bronx or Queens, i am not sure which.  His parents are both alive and lively.  They are retired and world travelers.  Joe's dad is from Hungary, and his mom is from Spain.  This gives Joe that European look.