Teachers and Students
(who is the teacher and who is the student?)

    I love being old.   Being old gives one the luxury of looking backward in time for a longer distance and glean information from a wider resource.   I also have the privilege (i look at it as a privilege these days, since it is fading fast) of remembering past encounters with the ability of taking both sides of every situation i have ever been involved in.  (well not every one, just the ones i can remember, hee hee) From my removed vantage point in my current reality. I can see the events unfolding as though i were not involved, but rather watching a movie about somebody who was a stranger to me.  And after watching a bunch of these movies it occurs to me that everybody i ever met was my teacher, in some fashion.   
     Our lives are filled with lessons and opportunities.   Every day that passes presents us with numerous opportunities to grow and learn, acquire magical abilities, gather tools to help shape your own reality, and so on.   Not all of the lessons are pleasant nor desired and indeed would have been avoided if possible.   Some of them are so important that you must go through them regardless of who your teacher is but most of them are voluntary and entirely up to the individual.  We can take the course or we can pass on it and ignore the lesson.  It is up to us 100% to chose what we want to do.   The problem arises when the lessons that we need the most are the very ones that we shun the most vigorously.   These lessons of which i am referring to are those that are unpleasant for us to undergo, and the most difficult for us to see as lessons and chances to grow in many directions.
     Regardless of what the event, if that event includes you, then there is a lesson contained there in for you personally.
 (shades of mission impossible) "...Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to...", and so on.   Whether or not we choose to even look for the lessons is up to us.   If we are in an unpleasant situation, we are usually at our worst.   We will behave in a fashion that is not normally the way we come on to the world.  We may be cranky, or irritated over some personal matter and not choose to respond to the Jerk who cut you off for that last parking spot with anything but an extended digit, but there is a lesson here to be learned, and a blessing to be gathered and claimed for your own.   Most of us will respond with a harsh word and perhaps a gesture to suit when something like this happens.
     Since i have had the revelation that polarity is optional now i have ceased thinking of things or situations as good or bad.   We can choose to dump the third dimensional concepts of fear, guilt, good, evil, etc... and replace it all with discernment.   If it resonates, it is for you, if not, then it is for somebody else, and all you need to do is ignore it and reserve any judgments.   You cannot judge a person unless you are that person.  Since we are individuals we only have authority to judge one solitary person, ourselves. We are the only ones that live by our rules and that is good.   But do not expect anybody else to live by your rules, and do not judge anybody by your rules.   If you have to make a judgment, you must use their rules to do so or you will arrive at a faulty judgment.    With this philosophy in mind, all polarity is stripped from every situation and things are just things with open ended options to be either a plus or a minus in your life.   It is up to you to decide which it will be by the way that you react to any particular stimulus.   If you flip off the idiot who took your parking spot, then you have not learned anything at all but you have taught the guy who took your place that you are just as much of a jerk as he was for taking your spot so he is entirely justified in cutting you off and may even feel good about it.   
      Things that make us feel good are things that we are likely to repeat as often as we have the opportunity to do so.  So not only have we not learned from a potential lesson, we have been a teacher to the other party
(you cannot teach unless you are also a student and you cannot learn unless you are a teacher)  and made them feel good about a discurtious action.  They not only got your parking spot but they got your goat too, and that is what you deserve for flipping them off.   I am not saying this is good nor bad, but what i am saying is that there are numerous outcomes from this scenario and all of them are dependent on the actions of the parties involved.  I am not going to violate my own rules by telling you what is good and what is bad, because as i have implied earlier, there is no polarity in the reality in which i find living the most pleasant.  Each person will have the potential to learn a lesson from what ever event had transpired, and none of them will be the same, exactly.   Each individual will come away with a new insight, or bit of information that will serve then some day.    
     Another thing that i have learned is that a teacher is to be honored as a source of information, regardless of their station in life.  If you learn kindness from a beggar, then that beggar is our teacher and should be honored for the lessonl.   If you learn tolerance from a real pain-in-the-ass then honor that individual as a teacher deserves.   Even an idiot like the guy who took your spot can be both your teacher and your student and depending on whether or not you want to pick up that distasteful lesson or not, you have an opportunity to grow mutually, both you and your student/teacher.   Lets just imagine another scenario starting from the point where the other cut you out of the parking spot you had your eye upon.   Instead of flipping the guy off, let us say that you swallowed your anger at the blantant nerve of this cretin for stealing your spot and gave him/her a friendly gesture instead.   What? a smile, a smile and a wave, a shrug of surrender to a more agile competitor for the parking places and a thumbs up?   What ever positive response suits your personality will so the trick.   He already knows that he screwed you out of your spot and most likely he is not completely devoids of conscience, so it will bother him that he did it unless you give him reason not to.   A smile and a wave as you drive by will confirm his doubts about whether or not he is justified in stealing your place.   You will still have to find another parking spot, but then you would have to any how, so that cancels out.   What about the reactions of the parties involved and the lessons learned?
     The parking spot thief did not get his guilt satisified and so it was a hollow victory for him.  He got the spot but he lost some self esteem.   He learned that not everybody responds in kind to rudeness which may inspire him/her to do likewise.  They lost a bit of respect for themselves and even if they do not realize it, this will temper their entire response to life's presentations.   It seems like he got all the goodies from the lesson, however it cannot be a lesson until both have received something from the teaching.   What did the driver of the snookered car receive?   First of all he/she can pat themselves on the back for not surcoming to their basic rage at the insult.   They get an "A" in self control and civility.   They have grown in tolerance and they have taken a more noble course of action which will result in a boost in self esteem.   See how that give and take works between the teachers and students in this case.  Each one gives the other something they did not have before,  and each one learned something they did not know before, so both were teachers and both were students.   
     Every single event in our lives is filled with lessons to be learned and teachings to impart and you can find your teachers in the most unlikely places.  The lessons that are the most difficult to stay with are normally the ones that give you the greatest rewards in the end.   Your teachers do not have to be smarter than you are, nor even be smart at all.   The lessons can be anything that you need to grow or would enhance your abiity to spread happiness and joy where ever you travel.   I myself believe that our greatest teachers are our new-born.   They are closest to God, they just got here and they remember everything that we forgot.   The first thing we do is unteach them and make them forget about what is on the other side of the veil, or even that there is a veil.   If instead of goo goo'ing and gah gah'ing to our infants, if we could touch minds with them and learn what they know and remember, then we would most likely become suicidal with longing to be home again.    Some teachings could become a minus instead of a plus in our agendas but then in that is also a lesson on the difference between teaching that can enrich you and teaching that does not.   There are lessons in every direction that we can look and teachers behind every shadow.   Just because the smelly bum asks you for some spare change, does not mean that it is not an opportunity to learn a lesson in compassion, tolerance and charity, just as easily as we can learn a lesson of intolerance, disgust for those less fortunate, and any number of other lessons on the minus side of the coin.   Twenty people can experience the same event and learn twenty different lessons from the experience.   Our lessons are specific to us and our teachers may seldom know that they are teaching us anything but they are teachers none the less.   What lessons will we learn from them?   Will you learn to respond with anger or understanding?   Remember that you cannot judge them by your rules and you do not know theirs yet, except that it is OK to cut somebody off for a parking spot, maybe.   Each one in the class learns a different lesson from the same stimuli and the lessons are dependent on the relationship between the teacher and the student.   If there if distain for the bum who had the nerve to acost you for change then there is little chance for learning from that teacher.   All teaching is honored, whether or not it is an asset in your life or a deficit and we might be a lot more content if we could recognize the fact that we are all each other's teachers and we are all each other's students.  We live and interact and reac t and seldom realize that everything experience teaches us something and everybody who makes these thing happen is our teacher.   Honor your students, and honor your teachers and there will be much more happiness in the world.