Who wants to live Forever?
I mean, enough is enough, already)

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     Eternal life has long been a goal sought by many, and apart from the stories from the bible, we are expected to expire any time from our 70's to what ever lucky birthday was your last, but most likely to be under 100.   Regaining one's youth has been a popular topic for many Sci-Fi films, dating back almost as far as the "Talkies" history extends.   I remember two films in particular that fascinated me, "The Man on Half Moon Street", and "The Portrait of Dorian Gray"  being enthralled over both 'scary' films in which I delighted, as a youth.   However these guys couldn't hold a candle to the "Mummy", who really did a great job with the senior citizen status extreme category. These guys lasted for thousands of years, although their appearance did deteriorate a bit during the years of lying around in their sarcophagus, sort of a dermatologist's nightmare, if you know what I mean. However we are not talking about beauty contests here, we are only concerned with longevity, and subjects related to living forever.   The point being the longer you are ambulant, the older you are, and some people would like to live forever, without even considering the consequences.   It is an interesting concept but in this case living forever already has been achieved by our higher selves. Our problem is that we want to cash in on the benefits of being spiritual, burdened with a three dimensional vehicle from which we can not escape. (Unless we are into astral projection)  We want to do the magic while still wearing the meat suits, so to speak.   So industry and scientists, spend millions of dollars each year to research ways to extend life, as though it were something to strive for.   
     We have invented our own way to extend life. We already know how to do that and it is called Evolution.   In the days of Julius Caesar a normal male life expectancy was under 40 years old.  Today it is around 80, or doubled in just a couple millennia.  We are a really flexible species but we need to realize that just because we do not have something, that does not mean that we need that item, or that it would do us any good to have it.   We tend to be impatient and do not like to wait for things, especially if they are going to take longer than our expected life time. There could even be negative results if one were allowed to live longer than their spiritual growth would allow.   A baby can accidentally discharge a firearm, with out knowing anything about it at all, but that does not make that baby an expert marksman, nor a gun expert.   Likewise those who wish for eternal life while still enclosed with in the meat suit, are babies with guns.   They do not even stop to consider what that would mean to the Human Race.
     No, more death would mean that there would be no room to grow, and as we are already over populated, here on earth, we could soon all die of starvation, unless we turned into cannibals.  The World population would soar and with nobody dying, the birth rate would soon choke the planet and cause enough stress on the Mother to cause Her to shrug us off.   Take a "shower" and wash away the grime and other unpleasant things that have accumulated, including us.   We would not all die from starvation (not under the control of eternal life because you kill the meat suit), some would survive and then the earth would have a righteous population that would not choke them selves in their own waste.  Of course the world governments could slow this down by putting a ban on births.  Zero population growth is as good a name as any that i can think of.   Does anybody touting this idea ever imagine that it can possibly be enforced?   All it would do is drive the pregnant under ground and make the abortionists wealthy.  We would all still starve but more slowly.   
     When we achieve eternal life, we will have evolved to the point where we deserve it, not just because we "want" it.   Like the baby with a gun, we are fooling with things that we can't really understand, through to the full long range logical conclusions.   We need to grow a lot more and as we grow, we automatically live longer.   By the time we are grown enough to discard these meat-suits then we will indeed live forever, as we already do in reality because we are not these meat-suits that we use as vehicles in which to drive around on this planet and interact with it, we are the drivers of these vehicles and we Already Live Forever.!   Lets stop trying to reinvent the wheel and let evolution take it's natural course.   In our current degree of development as a species, we are very low on the "Civilized" scale.   My proof is very vividly expressed by the numbers of wars, struggles, and fights over borders, wealth, and what ever we think is worth fighting and killing each other over.   We are little more than savages, and who in their right mind would want a savage to live forever? 
     If we want to live longer than our biology is programed to provide for us, then there is still hope for immortality.  We are now talking about living longer than our meat suits and the way this is accomplished is by collecting love.  The more love you collect during your life span, the more people that you will have influenced, and the more people who you have "infected" with your own personality and ideas on life and your views on the universe.   When you have people who love you, they hold you in esteem and allow you to infiltrate into their personalities and ideals.  They may see truths for them in their own lives, from experiences you relate to them from your life.  You may impart many things to these loved ones and the things that resonate with them will become part of their lives and part of their own personalities.   They will tell their children about you, and the things that you may have taught them, even with out trying to teach anything, just watching you in the course of your every day life may be an inspiration to them.  They will remember you long after you have shed the meat suit, and their children will know of you, and perhaps their children, and so on.   Even on the meat suit level, we can achieve some degree of Immortality.  If we do something good enough, or bad enough, then we become written history and others will learn a lot about us, bring us to life, if what they read resonates with them and is adapted by them to enrich their lives. 
     Think also about this concept of evolution.  How long is a generation?  Around 20 years or so?  I am only guessing here but for the sake of some point from which to anchor, lets make this the theoretical starting point.  Evolution is a long term process and relies on a lot of mutations within the species to "upgrade the hardware", and bring out the new line of base species "Homo".   Scientist who work with genetic experiments love "short lived" species of laboratory subjects with which to experiment.  The shorter the life span, the shorter the time between generations.  If they can get a fruit fly who lives for months and dies, to become part of their experiments, they can bypass hundreds of years of evolution, extrapolated to a scale applied to humans.   Imagine how long it would take for us to develop as a species, if we lived for only two or three times longer than our normal life term.   Keep in mind that as we age, Species wise, our lives also extent to accommodate for the increased "wisdom" that comes with growth.   We do not get anything we do not need, and we have access to everything that we do need right here on earth.    All we have to do is discover it before we destroy it.  We burn the cooling system for the land masses in the form of the rain forests, and then we wonder why the waters are heating up and all the coral is dying, and with it all the related life that lives off the coral reefs.?   We pump pollutants into the air and wonder why we are getting skin cancer because the ozone cannot protect us as it combines with our waste chemicals and turns into acid rain instead of protection from the sun.   For us to evolve with longer life spans than we have held over the life of mankind, we must have the wisdom to cope with and utilize this extra time in a fashion that benefits many, not just ourselves.   The more good you do for others, the more love you collect and the longer you will live after your meat suit has been recycled back into the Mother, from whence it came.

  Who wants to live forever..?  I don't, at least not in my meat suit.   I have no desire to be a walking mummy, looking like an ambulant prune, with a nurse to change my,"Depends", for me.   My mind is eternal.  Not my brain, but the software that i have stored in that lump of nerve endings over the past lifetime spend wandering around in this vehicle, that fills my head.  My ideas, and my attitudes, will be remembered by my survivors and perhaps cherished and passed on to their own loved ones.  We are immortal, but our meat suits are not.  We are programed to expire at a certain rate for many reasons, some of which i have already mentioned.  The way to achieve immortality is not to attempt it with your meat suit, but to realize that the meat suit is your "Walkie Talkie" to all the rest of the world.   With out your meat suit, you would not have solid form, nor be able to react with the earth in any physical fashion.  Our true essence is not physical, but spiritual in nature, and we already have eternal life.  Lets be happy with that, and stop trying to give our "vehicles" life eternal along with us.   We can buy new cars, just like we can acquire new bodies when we need them.  That is the main concept of reincarnation. If we stop thinking of ourselves from the vantage point of our meat suits, then we may be able to see our true selves, as eternal entities.    We can only have one meat suit at a time, unless i am very much mistaken, so regardless of which one it is, you are still inside doing the driving.   Because of our duality (being both spiritual and physical at the same time and not being able to experience this) we cannot see beyond the veil very clearly but make no mistake, we are driving the meat suit, and when it expires, we will get another.  Or we may opt for no more excursions into the lower vibrations and remain in spirit where we will understand that eternal is really "NOW", when ever Now is experienced.  

Jean-Paul Déry 9-16-2003