This happy island boy is Lynn.   Lynn and i have known each other for around 15 years or so.  He used to date our daughter Melissa.  He is also the father of our granddaughter Alexis.  Lynn is a sheet metal mechanic for a heating / air-conditioning company.  A good job for this guy, who needs that physical challenge.  He is a big guy if he doesn't get the exercise at this age, he is going to start to pack on the pounds.   Lynn is married to a really nice girl who's name is Ada.  The long transition from the wild kid with the chip on his shoulder to the responsible family man has been a long rough haul for Lynn.  Many of his old time homeys are in prison and he was on the same path as the rest of his friends when i met him.  We have a lot in common as far as talents and abilities go.  The only difference is that i have already been there, done that and he is yet to have that experience.   I have watched Lynn grow over the years and i am really proud to have had a small part in that growth.  Lynn is sort of a combination son/brother/student/friend to me and a big part of my life.