My mail box shelter

Our letter carrier was afraid of out dogs and often would leave the mail with a neighbor to give us because he did not want to go into the yard when the dogs were barking at him.   To solve the problem i made this little thing out of scrap 2x4's and the back of an old dresser i was using for wood to build things from.  The roof is wood underneath but 1/4" thick plastic on top to protect it from the rain.   I dug a hole at the corner of our yard near the easement and put a 1 1/2" diameter pipe in the hole and up through the hole in the bottom of this mailbox shelter.  As the pipe goes through the hole, it is trapped at the end by a wooden dowel that fits inside of it and keeps the mailbox shelter securely in place yet able to rotate if desired.   We are looking in at the back end of the project so you can see the way the pipe comes up through the bottom and engages the dowel.  Now the mail carrier does not have to walk to our door, he can leave the mail out by the drive way in the new mail box location.

(rendered models)