Me Mudder


When I was small and knew it all,
And acted about eight feet tall,
Who made me stand and face da wall?
Me Mudder

Who’d wake me from me nice warm cot
And put me on da cold, cold pot.
And make me go, wedder I could or not?
Me Mudder

When I trew fits, I’d scream and shout.
I’d throw me down and thrash about.
Who’d give me, “...Something to cry about?”.
Me Mudder

But when I’d hurt and start ta cry,
Who dried da tears dat filled me eye,
And made me feel good, bye and bye?
Me Mudder

Who shined me edges, made me say please,
She made me say, “scuse me”, when ever I’d sneeze. And teached me manners, as slick as Ya please?
Me Mudder

Who waits each Sunday in her home,
And listens for her telephone…
To let her know she’s not alone.?
Me Mudder

Who calls me by me brudder’s name,
And Him by mine? (It’s all da same.)
Her memory’s gone… she’s not to blame.
Me Mudder

I’m gray me self now, it ain’t so bad,
When I think of all da love I had,
From dat dear liddle lady who married me Dad.
Me Mudder

Back in June, two thousand eight,
She turned 100, now ain’t dat great.
Who’ll meet me again by dem pearly gates?
Me Mudder.

A poem written by Jean-Paul Déry for Violette Déry in celebration of her 100th Birthday in 2008


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