Where Noel and mom live in Vermont

        This is my brother's home in Wilmington, Vermont.  This is taken from the road out front of his house.  You can see how he is nestled in down there in the little hollow, away from it all.  He doesn't even have a driveway.  The road is not even paved but made of decomposed granite.  Noel really lives in the woods.  Those colorful trees are sugar maples and a local syrup producer taps Noel's trees each year and gives Noel  a years supply of maple syrup as payment.  The real stuff, not that Aunt Jemima goo.   Most people tasting real maple syrup for the first time are surprised because they have been used to the imitations so long they think the real stuff is too thin and to strong.  There is nothing like it.
 By the way, his house is for sale.