Chromatic Pan Flute Model.

     This was my first attempt at designing a chromatic pan flute.  This is not the pan flute it self, of course, it is only the rendered model that i build before i spent any effort at all in actual construction of the instrument.   Actually this looks pretty much like the real thing any how.   Once i had this design, then i built the flute.   I will not use this design again as i have found that more space is needed behind the front row of pipes.  It stifles the air flow over the forward tube.
  The second row of tubes however does increase the strength of the flute.   The end caps are made from wooden dowel slices and glued to the bottoms of the tubes after sanding both the tube and the cap smooth and flat.  The Pan Flute is made from 1/2" PVC plastic pipe.  Use schedule 40 pipe as it has a thicker wall.

(rendered views)