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Native American Stories and views on life.

    Don  (Slow Walker)  Morgan, has spent a lifetime studying, associating with, and learning from the Native American culture and it's people.    He has accumulated a wealth of stories, lore, and a view of "the other side" of the historic portrayal of our first settlers in the North American Continent.  It was not called anything but "Home"  to the people who were already living here when the white man arrived. 
This CD will soon be available to all, it is a 36 minute journey into another view of the Native American Culture and ways as narrated by Don Slow Walker, in his own unique, "down home",  fashion. 

    The CD is not yet available in stores.  When it becomes available to the public, we will include instructions for obtaining a copy in this notice.    Until then, enjoy a sample of what you will find on the CD when it becomes available.   We welcome your comments, negative or positive, we would like to hear your thoughts on these tracks.  Send your comments or questions to " longway@cox.net "   My name is,  "JP" .

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