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    Every body sees the world from a different view point.  Everybody has their own ideas about what they see.  A person's point of view is effected by everything they ever did or learned in their lives and because everybody has their own unique life, the way they each of us view a situation may not be in agreement.   Truth is truth and stands in any light and any situation, under any rules.  Does this mean then that philosophies and opinions are not truth?  If view points and philosophies do not agree with each other, then what are these things we call points of view?   Are they only paths to take in search of truth?  Like different bus lines in a city that eventually all end up at the central terminal in town, regardless of where their scheduled stops took them?   For as long as we have been thinking beings, we have been trying to convince the world that our view point is the one and only way to go.  We do it on a grand scale at time employing the name of God in our cause.  The Catholic Church was a great one for pushing their view point, to the extent that they sent out armies to kill the infidels.  People who just did not think like they did.  Innocent people who did nothing except worship a different way, to the same God.  So they call their god Allah, or Buddha, or the great pumpkin, or what ever, but it is still the God force they are involved with.   Just a few years back a big time leader of Islam  put out a death contract on some poor stiff for writing a very interesting and amusing book that did not agree with what this "messenger from Allah" happened to fancy.   The Catholics, Muslims, misc. Christian groups, all are still engaged in this same conflict of view point and still killing those who don't agree with them.  How can this be doing God's will?   How many Southern Baptists have worn the white sheet and hood in persecution of some body who just happened to be a different color, on the out side?  How many Irish Priests are engaged in the horrible things going on in that country in the name of God.  Here are two Christian denominations fighting and killing each other, just because they think their way is better and should be the way for all.   I am not knocking organized religions at all, i am only knocking the old energy thinking, driven by fear that these organizations still harbor.   Organized religion is the way of the world to date for almost every country on earth.  They are necessary for early education and connection to knowledge of things spiritual.   It only seems that they, as individuals do not practice what they preach.  Look at Jim Bakker, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Swaggart, and all the rest of the hypocritical bible thumpers in the world making millions of dollars from trusting believing followers?  Is that something that is preached in the teachings of Christianity?   What did Jesus say about riches?   How big was Jesus' mansion?  How many servants did he have on the pay roll?  How much did he rake in every year?  Did his dog have an $5,000 air conditioned dog house, like Tammy Fae's little pooch?    Does anybody else see anything wrong with this picture?
    The point i am eventually get to is that everybody is different and being so is the reason for most of our advances in any area one can think of.   If every body thought the same there would be little advancement of any project and zero original thought.    Different is the name of the game.  How can we get angry over it?    Intolerance to other people or other people's right to their own opinion is the mark of the old energy, and left alone will simply wither away and die in the light of the new age.  These people who think that way will die and no new ones will take their place.   We are learning that we are not alone and comfy in our warm little homes.  Somewhere in a swamp in the Philippines is a little boy sleeping on a dirt floor, who went to bed hungry because they have no food.  He may as well be camping in my back yard.  In Santo Domingo in a stick hut with a roof made of leaves is a little girl with a serious infection from a foot wound because she has no shoes to protect her little feet.  How can i know of this and not do something about it?   Every day more and more people are coming to the realization that we are ONE people.   We are made up of individuals, with individual personalities but we are ONE People.   We are Homo Sapiens  (on the outside) and we come in all sorts of sizes, colors, and shapes.   But regardless of all those outside differences, we are all ONE in spirit.   What we have failed to realize is that "we are spiritual creatures", wearing  electro/chemical suits that are made from the elements of this planet we are playing upon.   We are NOT the suit, we are the ones inside the suit and we are all One in spirit.   It is only the suits that are different.  Like automobiles, everybody has one that is a little different than somebody else.  Different colors, different sizes, etc..  We do not hate somebody because he drives a red car and we own a green one, then why should we hate a spiritual being (just like ourselves) who is wearing a black suit?  Or a Jewish suit?  or any other type of suit that is not the same as ours?  Let us all remember who we are.  Let us be tolerant of the opinions of others.  Let us be tolerant of the appearance of others.  Let us be tolerant of the religion of others or their non-religion.  We are all here to help each other, not fight and bicker and do nasty things that keep us from our path back home.  Our path to communion with our selves, our God Selves, our Higher Selves.  This is the journey we are on now and now is the time to help each other.  Now is the time to love each other and do what ever we can in our little corner of this mud ball, to make somebody's day a little easier and happier.  If you make only one other person happy today, then that makes two of you who are happy.  If you make any one happy, then they in turn will pass it on to somebody else, and that new stranger will benefit from your good cheer and friendly way, without ever knowing of you.  Happiness like depression is contagious.  Spread it around and do your part to make our stay here at the Mud Ball Hotel a pleasant one.   And on it goes.  The ripple of happiness you made in your lake of life passes through many other swimmers on it's way to the shore.  Lets leave happy wakes in those waters.  If you see somebody struggling, toss them a line.  Service is the highest form of power.   In closing i want to quote the dumbest person i ever met.  This man used to brag about his 26 IQ.  He was once heard to say, "I ain't never red no book in my life and anybody that does is an asshole.".  How ever that is NOT the quote i wish to make on Gunner's mate 1st class McLendon's behalf.  No, even somebody as stupid as he, is to be respected and even though he does not have the same intelligence as a normal person, he is still a person and as part of this big club, he has his moments.   The quote i want to make from him is on my topic of tolerance.   And according to gunner's mate McLendon, "Everybody is entitled to his own opinion... no matter how stupid it is."

JP Déry,    September 23, 1999





Good and Bad

        The older i get the more i see how relativity plays in my life.  As we grow and our needs and desires change.  Our tastes may even change.  The type of music we like, or the way we wear our hair.  What we like and dislike may change as well as we grow and experience life.  How can this be?  We are the same person as we were, are we not?  I don't know, you tell me.   They say the life of a body cell is only around 7 years.  Well that means that i have had about seven body changes in my life so.   Which one of those bodies is me?   I feel like the that "old ax" that had been in this one family for 200 years.   The handle had been replaced 4 times and the head had been replaced twice, but some how the old guy still gave it credit for being 200 years old, and in the family that long.
        Sure i am the same person that used to think the greatest thing is life was stealing tomatoes from the garden and hiding in the corn to eat them with my friends.  But that does not appeal to me any longer.  Why not?   I am the same person, am i not?   Truth is, NO i am not.  The only thing that is the same is my soul, my piece of God.   Nothing about the meat suit is the same.  If nothing is the same about me physically, then why shouldn't it be natural to change my mind?  I am changing too.   If my body changes and my bodies needs change and i refuse to change, i do not think i would remain in good health for very long.   As we change we look at things differently too.  Again, why not?  We are different.   We are different from one day to the next.   The person you are this very second, as you read these words, is going to be a stranger to you some day.   Ever since we invented time (we did you know?) we have had to live in it.  However it is not our nature to be patient.  After all we are spiritual beings and we do not have time where we live.  Everything is happening in the NOW.   Putting on the meat suit, we also get a free bonus of having to live within the limits of the equipment.
         Since our meat suits can't exist in now time, then we have to forget about it.  "Now" time, that is, and start getting used to a past, present (which is a misnomer because it is constantly traveling forward in time.  At which point is the present?  As soon as you pick it, it becomes the past)  and a future.   Now with this new stuff (time) in the equation, we have some interesting side effects.  Everything takes time to accomplish.   Nothing stays the same as time goes on.  Things change and situations change and view points change, bringing opinions along with them.  What was good yesterday could be very bad today.   Why then did we think it was so good at the time?  Simple,  "at the time" is our clue.   We did not have all the information that we have when looking back on the incident from the vantage point of the future.  When it happened, how could we ever know what would be the outcome?  All we saw was something happening.   As we reacted, and as matters developed, and as time went on and our lives changed and eventually all of the information concerning that incident is gathered in and digested we can say, "This was a good thing, or "This was a bad thing."  However as long as you are alive, then all the information has not been gathered and you really don't know for certain if anything is good or bad.   Good and bad, just like everything else in the universe, is relative to the information available and the interpretation of that information.  Which puts Good and Bad in a very precarious position of being able to tip over one way or another, depending on how you view the situation, and becoming the opposite of what it started out to be.
        Well then, what is Good?   What is Bad?   Good and bad are only relative values assigned to a situation by any observers based on the knowledge they posses at the time.   And remember now that "Time" is the thing here.  We can not see all the probable outcomes of the situation from our narrow vantage point of time.  So we must wait to see what develops, and that is where we can actually make it good or bad.   Because what develops depends on what we do with it.   We shape our futures by what we do in the present.  What we do with the incident will shape the outcome and the final result will be in part our responsibility.  It doesn't matter how disastrous the situation at the time, there is always some way to turn the final result into some thing beneficial for all involved.  It may take a long time.   It may not.  The important thing is that you are shaping it and you are making it either "Good" or "Bad".  You are the one who has control of good and bad.  It is not the situation that carries these labels.  The incident has a label, for sure but it is a blank label, and it is up to you personally to write upon in anything that you want to write.  It is your life, and you have control.  You can make it anything you wish and you have the power over good and bad.  Good and bad are your responsibility to form in your own way.  By themselves they are just labels.  It is not until they act in your life that they become more.
JP Déry  September 1999







Notes from home

    Over the last few years or so, as the grid has shifted and  i have become more sensitive to spiritual influences i started finding little notes that i had written to myself the night before, or earlier.  These notes were never very long, and most times only a few words.  I rarely remember anything concerning their creation but most of the time i just discover them amid the perpetual rubble on my desk.   I can remember my very first one, which was, "Fragment your ego."  I had no idea what it meant at the time and i have come to the realization that the more i understand of this enigmatic phrase, the more i discover how much more there is  yet undiscovered.   Among other things it has enabled me to get in touch with past life skills and knowledge by just calling up the personality, the fragment of my ego that used to know these things.  Some times the notes are more on a level of a saying or motto.   When ever i find these little notes from home, i always study them and save them.  They often do not make any sense at the time, like the Fragment ego one, for example.   However eventually they absorb enough data around them to enable me to see the patterns being woven by the turn of events following the message.  Everything is answered in time.   I have learned that if i can not figure it out, then that means i am not ready to yet.  Hang out and do something else and when it is appreciate, i will zip right through the task like i have been doing it for years.
    When i first started getting these revelations i tried to use a tape recorder to keep track of the intuitive insights flashing through my mind.  I was quickly made aware that i was not allowed to use any sort of electronic device in the communication.  A computer keyboard excluded of course, because i understood that i only had one option open to me (beside pure memory) and that was written words.   I could write anything i received but i could not record it on tape.   So i enlisted an alter ego i refer to as "Scribe" who just loves to write and perform mundane and very boring (to me) tasks joyously and efficiently.  "Hey, Scribe... wanna drive for a while?"   Bingo the writing stops being a bottle neck and becomes a joy.   "Piper" showed me how to play the Penny Whistle.  Piper now has become multi-personal and i can see there was more than just one personality involved there.
     On occasion these little notes contain entire thoughts and it is these that i want to put down here.  These are the thoughts that i discovered on the notes that i left for me to find.  None of it is anything that i can remember consciously divining.  It was all "new information" when i found the notes and read them.  This was not  something i had previously read, or saw, or heard about, but new stuff that never existed in my mind on any conscious level of awareness.


About Losers

When you stop blaming every little misfortune in your life on other people, situations, or anything else except your own poor judgment, then and only then can you claim to have a life of your own.


Life's Paradoxes

Paradox Every  thing in this life that is worth pursuing and achieving, is involved in paradox of some sort.



Your greatest teachers are our new born;  it is they who are closest to God


Teachers and Students

Who benefits most from your teaching is the teacher from whom you can learn the most.



Children can see, experience and enjoy magic because no one has told them yet that it doesn't exist.


Personal Attribute

I am tool user.  I need tools, to do things better than others.   If i don't have them, I'll make them.  If they do not exist  then i will invent them.



Musical Ability

Learn the instrument, not the tune.  When the instrument disappears,  it is then the music begins.

Universal language

Music is a common language spoken by many varied and diverse people of different tongues.  Regardless of the strangeness of the spoken words,  like love, it is understood by all who hear.

Power and Control

if power does not make you humble, then you have no business using that power.  If control does not inspire you to serve and help others, then you should not be in control.

Complaint dept.

If not me, who?   If not now, when?   When you know the answer to both of these questions, then you have earned the right to complain about things that annoy you, but not before.

Absence of fear

Most of life's crises regardless of the anguish at the time, can be reduced to just three words:
 "It doesn't matter".   When you BELIEVE this, the future will hold no fear for you.




While you are waiting...  do Something productive!



Hearts Desires

What ever it is in the world that you want most will come to you, after you bestow it upon somebody else.

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Big Deal

After doing your best and struggling against all odds during your life to achieve your little piece of the dream.  After trying again and again and failing, you still persist and keep at it, never giving up.  After doing everything you possibly could all your life long, you Still, finally come to the realization that your life was really spent running in circles and you haven't accomplished anything... big deal, so what?  You'll get it right next time around, don't worry about it.  The trip was the treasure, not the accomplished goals, they are only trophies of the mile stones in the grand adventure, remembrances of all the people and lives you touched getting to this point.  You may never know the good you did in some body else's life.  How many people you helped down their road to success.  You can be sure your's was not  REALLY wasted.   You are looking through the little window instead of the big one.




Ripples in the pond

   I like to think of our lives here together like ripples in a pond.  We are all making little ripples in the still waters.  Every deed we do is like tossing a stone out into the calm still water.  The stone sends out a ripple in all directions.   These ripples interact with ripples made by other lives and contracts dropping into the waters of the pond.   Once you see your stone sink in a little splash and kerplunk.  You do not think of the ripple.  You tossed the stone, and now the stone is gone so you move on too, not thinking of the ripple the stone has made.  That ripple keeps going outward, toward the shore, and as it passes the ripples made by all the other stones, tossed by all the other lives that touch, intermingling and changing the shape of both, as they pass through each other.  By the time your ripple reaches the shore, it has passed through the waves of many many others, changing each a little and being changed in return.   What sort of stones am i throwing out into the pond?  Are they love, kindness, understanding, compassion, tolerance, or are they something else.  I really need to know the answer to that because when my ripple reaches the shore,  i need to claim it and be identified by it.   What has your ripple passed on to the others that it touched?  You may never know in this life time, so it is best not even to pick up the stones from the ground that look like fear, distrust, hatred, prejudice, ignorance.  You do not need to be tossing those in anybody's wake.  You have free choice now, pass them by and toss the loving stones that make others "feel at home" when your ripple passes through theirs.   Once the stone is tossed, even retrieving it will not halt the ripple it caused to flow outward.  In the words of Omar Khayaam:

"The moving finger writes,
and having writ, moves on.
Nor all your piety nor wit can
lure it back to cancel half a line,
Nor all your tears wash out a word of it."

Splash and play and make happy waves in the big pond of ours.  (love makes the best waves ever)





Hints and nudges

      Our guides, teachers, angels, what ever you want to call them are constantly giving us nudges and hints on the problems and decisions in our lives.   There are not too many things that can slip through the veil but these hints are one.   One of the most effective and frequent of these hints involves repetitive number sequences.  They can be numbers on the face of a digital clock or a license plate, or a shipping crate.  It does not matter where you spot them, they are hints that tell pass us messages from spirit, through the veil.   I am not speaking of checking the clock every two minutes just so you can catch a number, i am speaking of casual glances at a clock or other display of numbers.   Not deliberate, but just casual or even accidental.      Often i wake from a sound sleep to see my bedside clock with 11:11, 12:12, 2:22, 5:55, etc.   Or casually glance at the digital clock anywhere i happen to be and see these repetitive number sequences.   It was a great puzzle to me when it first started happening  back in the early 90's and i knew it was a message from spirit right from the start because it went so far beyond the limits of probability that it could not be simple coincidence.  I would catch 11:11 sometimes 10 times during the week.
     Considering the clock only shows 11:11 for a total of two minutes every 24 hours,  and only shows it 14 times a week, you can do the math and see that 10 out of 14 possible will give you pretty conclusive proof it is beyond coincidence.   Just seeing it one time in any 24 hour period is only one in seven hundred and twenty chances of catching it.   If you spot it two times in one day, you have over come 1,440 to 1 odds and it multiplies by the number of days you spot it.  For this to happen consistently and on a regular basis is just too much to assume as wild chance.  I have better odds of getting hit by lightning.
    For years i knew i was being signaled but did not know what the signals meant.  I interpreted my own meanings into 11:11 and took it to be an affirmation that i had done the correct thing and was on the correct path.  It meant i was in my contract and going well.   The internet is a wonderful tool.  I imagine the sum total of the knowledge of the planet is available there.   Email comes in from all over the world every day, and i got an email from a friend recently that really interested me.  I do not know the author however this evidently was a response from some channel to a reader.  There were some references to questions concerning the reader's frequent sighting of repetitive numbers on the clock.  This is here for your discernment.  If is sounds right to you then it is meant for you, if not, then it was meant for somebody else.
    Here then is one explanation of the repetitive numbers:

Energy flow - enhancing whatever level you are in presently.

Resurrection and ascension process

Decision number - Either directs you into a phase of 999 completion, or negatively, it puts you in the 666 frequency which throws you back into the third dimension, watch what you are doing VERY carefully
Presence of Angels and ability for Angelic communication or you have completed an important phase and it is the number of resurrection.

Experiencing the energy or level of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS - very significant.

Material world, third dimensional frequency, density, pay attention to everything around you and ask if making this decision in this way will hold me back from my spiritual growth in some way?

Symbolizes an integration of some portion of the four lower bodies with higher spiritual frequencies within the Third-dimensional plane, or at the level in which you are manifesting your physical reality on the Earth Plane.
Symbolizes infinity. The unified spiral of the physical merging with the spiritual. Moving toward the completion of the ascension process through the energies of 222 and 444.

Symbolizes the three levels of the triune, completion.

The great void, experiencing a null zone. Switching or moving into a new energy field.

11:11 Beginning of a whole new level or phase of development. Another dimension or frequency of experience opening. A way or path opening for you. Stargate 11:11

Cosmic Connection, a bridge to the future, signifies a level of completion or graduation