Porta-Desk model
This is a Port-a-desk.  My friend steve  asked me to design it from an existing similar one that he already owns.   This design is far superior to the original model.  Second guessing is easy.    Here is what it looks like when the doors are shut.   Actually all is not what it seems because the doors, aren't doors at all.  They, or more accurately, it is made in one piece and it hinges down from the bottom.  When the desk is in the open position then two swing out supports 
 hold it up in the writing position.  (one of my additions to the design, to relieve the strain on the hinge mountings)    It may be mounted on a wall and just hung there or it can be placed on a table and used that way.   To open the desk writing surface you must pull out one of the little decorative beads you see above the doors.  One of them has a pin that goes through and into the door to hold it closed or allow it to open.

(rendered models)