I got to thinking about the problems of moving the blocks to build the pyramids.   I have seen a lot of theories about it from rolling them on logs, to sliding them on wet down clay but nothing i had seen on TV seemed to be very efficient to me, so i sat down at my computer and tried to figure out a better way to move those multi-ton blocks of stone.   This is what i came up with and i think it is better than anything that they have show me on television.  With this method, 5 men is all it would take to move a block with ease, and probably 3 men could to it just as well.  In the movies it looks like they are using scores of men to pull along those blocks.  So then, here is my proposal to the Pharaoh.

     The problem is to move this massive block of limestone over miles of ground to the site where the pyramid is being built.  The easiest way that i can see is to construct some attachments that will be attached to the block and act to create a rolling surface with a large diameter, so that rolling it will be much easier than with a small diameter log, or other device available at that time and place.  Using primitive methods and tools i think that this can be done with the aid of some wood, cord, and a bit of ingenuity.

      Start out measuring a side of the block and calculate the diameter circle that will encompass that length side.  Construct a set of three circle segments, alternating the wood grain for strength.  Two set of these will make up one side of the rockers.  They are fastened together with logs, which protrude past the sides, and are pegged into position to suit the width of the blocks.  When a set is made and fastened together, make up three more for that size block.
      Placing two segments as shown on the opposite sides of the block, they can then be tied together using cord, rope, leather thongs, etc.  what ever works best.  Other keeper pegs are set near the end of the tie-logs, so that the cords that are used to tie the segments together do not slip off their positions when the block gets rolling along.  Tie opposite logs to the opposite log on the other side of the block.  A lower log tied across the block to an upper log, this for cross bracing and will help to keep the rockers from shifting when in use.
     Once the sides are in place and tied together, just roll the block for a 90º so that the rockers just installed are on the top and the bottom now.  Once this is done, it is a simple matter to attach the other two side segments, in the same fashion as the first set, and tie them off as well.   Once all four segments are attached, then tie them all together across the corners of the block, so that the side rockers and the top and bottom rockers are all connected, secured by additional cords tying the first spoke log of one segment to the last spoke log on the next rocker, so everything is secured and ready to roll.
     Now the block can be simply rolled along when on level ground, and either pulled up hill or lowered down hill using ropes which anchor to a stationary point and are looped around the outer tie area of the spoke logs and then back to the "pullers".  This will double the mechanical advantage for them and require only a few men to move a huge block regardless of the incline.  If the outer rims of the rockers were shod with thick copper strips, that were thick enough to bring the radius of the rockers far enough to exceed the diagonal length of the block by two or three times the thickness of the ropes used to pull it along, then it can be made much easier by looping the ropes over
the inner area of the spokes instead of on the outside.  The reason for this is that the corners of the block would cut the ropes if it were allowed to roll over it,  unless the diameter of the effective wheel allowed for a space between the corner and the outside diameter that was wide enough to keep the block from cutting the rope.  This is only a rough concept and it would have to be "tweaked" a bit before i am completely happy with it, but you can get the idea of what i meant with my plan to move the blocks.  If i was ambitious enough i would like to build a set and see how it works.

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