Remus, in her cozy little penthouse

     Remus in her penthouse.   We have had Remus longer than any other animal who shared our home.   She is about 20 years old now and has always been an inside/outside cat.  Loving to spend the days sleeping in the house and roving the neighborhood at night.   When we got Barkley, all that ended and she became prey for our new canine buddy.  This is the solution.  Her penthouse has a bedroom (she is looking out from it now), it has a nice 1" thick foam padding on the deck area as well as under the bed.  Two places for her feeding bowl and water and an eight foot padded ramp way she can climb up and down to get to her place or go visiting.   Now that all our big dogs are gone and all we have are Pookie and Cricket, who are both smaller than the cat, she is back in the house and loving every minute of it.  A great way to spend her fading years of retirement, cozy in the house again and not have to use her penthouse for anything but an observation post on the neighborhood. Remus died in July of 2001.

(Rendered models)