Remus - 1981- 2001


      This is Remus.  Originally of the sister team of Remus and Romulus. (yeah, i know the gender isn't right)  Remus and Romulus were found in little of kittens our neighbor uncovered when he cleaned his yard out.  She and the rest of the litter were under a bunch of manufacturing flats.  The only way to tell the two apart was the rings on the tail.  One had 5 rings and the other had 7 rings.  Other than that, they were identical.   When they had their own kittens at the same time, it was Remus who did most of the nursing for both litters.   Romulus was a bum mom and let poor Remus do all the work.
    Nursing both litters was painful to her 'rubbed raw nipples' and she used to cry as she purred and nursed her litter as well as her little nieces and nephews.  We finally made a sheath for her  from the upper part of panty hose,  thus covering her nipples and forcing Romulus to do some of the work.   It was comical at first, watching her try to walk with the "tube top" in place.   The pressure on her belly made her very disoriented and she could not walk at first, but kept lying down, as though to follow the feeling of lying on her stomach, that the panty hose girdle was causing for her. Once she got over the initial confusion, she was fine and got a chance to rest her sore parts.