Remus & Romulus

The only way you could tell remus and romulus apart after they had grown, was by counting the rings on their tails.  Remus had 7 rings and Romulus only had 5 rings.

     You can hardly recognize Remus, (foreground) in this rare shot of her and her sister Romulus.   Poor Romulus was hit by a car and killed a few months or so after they had their kittens.   Remus and Romulus were found in the neighbor's yard when he picked up a stack of flats he had sitting there.  He gave them to us when they were about a month old.  We waited till they had a litter of kittens each b/4 we had them spayed.   Romulus was lazy and let poor Remus do all the nursing of both litters.  Remus' nipples were raw and when the kittens would nurse, she would purr and cry at the same time.  We finally made a tube top for her from an old panty hose so Romulus had to do some of the nursing too after that because the kittens could not get to Remus in the tube top.