Rendered Views of 3-D models

These pictures are NOT pictures at all but actual rendered views of SOLID MODEL graphics files.   I build these first when i begin working on a building project, or i model them from existing items and enhance the design so i have a better result than the original item. (second guess the design as it is more often called)    Rendering gives a better picture of what the finished project will look like.  However there are many ways to view a 3-D model and Rendering is only one method.   All of these models were constructed using AutoCAD, computer aided drafting and design software from AutoDesk.


(click on the thumb nails for enlargements and comments)

PVC Pan Pipes

Router Jig

Wooden Flute

Kitty Kondo


Mystry Dove Tails

Duct Puller

Back Scratcher

Iguana Home

Dart board Case

Mail Box Shelter

Quena (in G)

Media Storage

Storage bed and
study nook

Double Pan Flute

Reversible Gift

Checkerboard puzzle

Powerless Queens

Chinese Puzzle Ball