Repeating Numbers
(hints and nudges from our guides)

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     Our guides, teachers, angels, what ever you want to call them are constantly giving us nudges and hints on the problems and decisions in our lives.   There are not too many things that can slip through the veil but these hints are one of them.   One of the most effective and frequent occurrence of these hints involves the casual glimpsing of repetitive number sequences.  They can be numbers on the face of a digital clock or a license plate, or a shipping crate.  It does not matter where you spot them, they are most likely hints to us, messages from spirit passing through the veil.   I am not speaking of checking the clock every two minutes just so you can catch a number, i am speaking of casual glances at a clock or other display of numbers.   Not deliberate, but just casual or even accidental.      Often i wake from a sound sleep to see my bedside clock with 11:11, 12:12, 2:22, 5:55, etc.   Or casually glance at the digital clock anywhere i happen to be and see these repetitive number sequences.   It was a great puzzle to me when it first started happening  back in the early 90's and i knew it was a message from spirit right from the start because it went so far beyond the limits of probability that it could not be simple coincidence.  I would catch 11:11 sometimes 10 times during the week.
     Considering the clock only shows 11:11 for a total of two minutes every 24 hours,  and only shows it 14 times a week, you can do the math and see that 10 out of 14 possible will give you pretty conclusive proof it is beyond coincidence.   Just seeing it one time in any 24 hour period is only one in seven hundred and twenty chances of catching it.   If you spot it two times in one day, you have over come 1,440 to 1 odds and it multiplies by the number of days you spot it.  For this to happen consistently and on a regular basis is just too much to assume as wild chance.  I have better odds of getting hit by lightning, or winning the lottery.    For years i knew i was being signaled but did not know what the signals meant.  I interpreted my own meanings into 11:11 and took it to be an affirmation that i had done the correct thing and was on the correct path.  It meant i was in my contract and going well.
     The internet is a wonderful tool.  I imagine the sum total of the knowledge of the planet is available there.   Email comes in from all over the world every day, and i got an email from a friend recently that really interested me.  I do not know the author however this evidently was a response from some channel to a reader.  There were some references to questions concerning the reader's frequent sighting of repetitive numbers on the clock.  I decided to put them up on my site and share the thought. So, here is the information for your discernment.  If is sounds right to you then it is meant for you, if not, then it was meant for somebody else.


Energy flow - enhancing whatever level you are in presently.

Resurrection and ascension process.

Decision number - Either directs you into a phase of 999 completion, or negatively, it puts you in the 666 frequency which throws you back into the third dimension, watch what you are doing VERY carefully
Presence of Angels and ability for Angelic communication or you have completed an important phase and it is the number of resurrection.

Experiencing the energy or level of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS - very significant.

Material world, third dimensional frequency, density, pay attention to everything around you and ask if making this decision in this way will hold me back from my spiritual growth in some way?

Symbolizes an integration of some portion of the four lower bodies with higher spiritual frequencies within the Third-dimensional plane, or at the level in which you are manifesting your physical reality on the Earth Plane.

Symbolizes infinity. The unified spiral of the physical merging with the spiritual. Moving toward the completion of the ascension process through the energies of 222 and 444.

Symbolizes the three levels of the triune, completion.

The great void, experiencing a null zone. Switching or moving into a new energy field.

Beginning of a whole new level or phase of development. Another dimension or frequency of experience opening. A way or path opening for you. Stargate 11:11

Cosmic Connection, a bridge to the future, signifies a level of completion or graduation

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