Router Jig Solid Model

Here is a router jig i designed to use with my router. The router mounts on eht saddle in the center of the jig and it's movement is restricted by the heavy stell tubing bars. There is movement in two directions which can be limited by the stops and the lock screws.   The thumb screws lock down the movement in a particular direction, for making straight cuts along a set distance.  The saddle rides on the two closer spaced steel bars and the saddle assembly rides on the two widely spaced steel bars.  This gives the router movement with a lot of control via the stops, and or the locking devices.  Making straight controlled cuts easy.   Notice the little round stops placed on the steel bars. They are wooden plugs which are split through one side and encircled by a continous steel band which has a loc screw threaded into it which puts pressure on the split wooden center part, locking the stop in a position on the bar.   With these limit stops set, one can move along the bars within the confines of the stops.

(rendered models)