Rui & me

Rui and I at the Manhattan,  in 1982
     This is a shot of my dear friend and virtual sister, Rui.  Rui and i used to be a team down at the bomber plant.  We did everything together,   We were in the shop together, were tooling designers together,  went to computer school together, got laid off together, went into engineering, together and worked together for years, before she quit engineering and went into Project Planning.  Eventually Rui quit the company all together and moved to Colorado, where she still resides.   Rui is teaching at a college up there where she lives.  This is a great job for her since she is a gal with a lot of knowledge to impart.  Rui is probably the most talented woman i know.  She has BA, and MA degrees, she can build tools, jewelry, ceramics, and any damn thing she puts her mind to, equally well.  Rui is a go getter who does not sit around and wait for things to happen.  She is also a Cellist, and is currently learning the pan flute (i hope, because i made one for her).  She is dearly loved and an important influence in my life cycle.