Rural Delivery

 Jamul, california 1980

(click here for sound clip)

      This is Rural Delivery.  Or, more accurately 6/7 of the group.  Our dobro player, Jim was late to the gig and did not get into the picture.  Left to right is John playing 12-string guitar, Sandy on fiddle, Karen on fiddle, me on 5-string banjo, Rod on vocals, and Dale on bass.  The group was comprised of teachers and engineers who liked to get together to play music.  Next thing we knew people wanted to pay us to play for them, or their parties, or what ever.   We picked a name and became a band.  We had a neat arrangement with a Large Pizza Parlor in La Mesa.  We would to there on Friday night and play for our supper.  What we were really doing was rehearsing, but we never told the Pizza manager that.   We would go there to rehearse, but put up mics and we got free food and soft drinks,  for us and for anybody who said they were with the band.   We had groupies in the form of family members and friends that would go with us on Fridays for the music, the fun and the free food.
    When i got into computers at work i had to drop out of the band.  most of our gigs were at night and i had to go on nights to go to school in the day time.  Our graduation from the computer school was celebrated with my last performance at the pizza place and our CADD teachers.