My cousin's cat, Peanut
(More Peanut Pics

     This is my cousin Nancy's cat Peanut.   Today Ms. Peanut doesn't resemble one but she was so small that she fit in the palm of Larry's hand when they got her.   Peanut was a sadness buffer, like our Pookie and Cricket, to help with the sorrow over the loss of Nancy's & Larry's previous cat.   Peanut was discovered doing her best to get Larry's attention at the pound, where they found her at the tender age of only a few weeks old.    Nancy claims the Peanut is the smartest cat she has ever seen, but i don't think she is all that smart because  the last time i visited them i beat her two out of three games of checkers.   Here Peanut is checking out the flock of birds in the back  yard and thinking how much they look like little sandwiches to her.   Yummy