Sea  Stories

    The term "Sea Stories", as used here, does not necessarily mean the event had to have taken place at sea.   Any story from the teller's personal experience, as accurately related as memory allows will qualify for a 'sea story'.   The real life event may have occurred in the desert and still qualify as a sea story.    Sea stories are what old friends tell each other at reunions, and stories that 'the guys' swap at bars, or bingo freaks, bingo freaks share with their elbow neighbor during the breaks. Some, and eventually all, of these stories will have audio files to which you can listen, if you rather not do the actual reading for your self. My computer is the narrator for all of these stories, it is a purely electronically generated speach and not a human speaking.

Larry the Rat
 Never drink with a Penguin
 Sweet Revenge at Sea
 The Pee Pee story
 The Checkerboard Hoax
The pride of the Clam Diggers
Roger, Keep Out
Mike, the Cool Cat
Lance, the final chapter
Teddy the Scam
Call me Irresponsible
 Spiritual Alchemy
The day i won the Lottery
Freight train Watson
Testing the parable
What would you do if...?


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