Ed Tanguay

     My dear friend and mentor, Ed. Ed is more like a father to me than a working partner.   Our paths crossed many times in my life b/4 we both ended up working at the same place in West Hartford, CT.  That is when we actually met and became connected.  I learned much from this gentle man that has carried me farther than i ever could have gotten on my own.  Ed was the first person i ever met who was 100% honest with me.  He was not political at all but right up front.   What made him my hero was that he did exactly what he preached.  No righteous posturing about a topic and then do something completely different when he himself was confronted with the same situation.     Ed taught me to say what i feel, even if it makes me uneasy, and do what i say, even if it is difficult.   Ed taught me to be gentle and find strength in that quality.   Of all my life lesson mentors,  i have become more "Ed" than any other one of them.  They say emulation is the ultimate compliment;  well i have been trying for many years to be more like Ed.